Weightlifter Trying to figure out what to do next Closing my eyes and holding my breath I stare at walls that seems to be closing in I hope it passes quicker than it has been Broken hearts shattered dreams Plans that will never come to be Promises unkempt lies said All swirling in my head […]

Deja Vu

Déjà Vu The feelings I am feeling I have felt them all before I know what is going to happen if things don’t change I don’t understand how I can keep leading myself down these familiar paths I should know better by now…right? Why do I put myself in these lose lose situations? I am coming to […]


Closet Curled up into the tightest ball my body can take Hugging my legs and willing them not to shake Hands trembling as tears roll down my face Counting to ten hoping it will end Closing my eyes so tight I’m afraid they will begin to bleed Not knowing where to put my body Feels […]


Waiting and not knowing is the hardest part Waiting for the ball to drop Waiting to see who will make the first move Waiting on an explanation that will never come Waiting to wait because I don’t know what else to do Waiting because the fear of facing this reality is to big for one […]

Morning Coffee and Music…

Morning coffee, music and deep conversations it’s a Thursday morning in the life of me Thoughts and emotions swirling around like the cream and sugar in my coffee The beats and lyrics sooth my soul and fills my heart with hope My mind is all mixed up with all the decisions that I have NO control […]