On the Nature of Daylight

On the Nature of Daylight

I close my eyes and I am taken away to a place of potential peace and life that causes me to believe there is something more

Yet there is a sadness amongst it all because this place only exists in fantasy and verse

I picture a girl looking out a window onto a beautiful day, but is to afraid to step outside

She presses herself against the glass and feels the warmth of the sun and cries, because she knows she will never feel the warmth against her face

She bows her head in shame because she is the one who is her own captor in this prison she built for herself

I also see a boy…looking into the window wishing he was inside

Wondering what is so amazing that causes her to remain

He reaches out his hand to her to show that she is not alone, but his hand remains empty

They look at each other for a long while without movement…pain coming from both of their eyes with tears not far behind.

They wait to see who will make the first move but neither falter

He walks away only looking back once to see her face one last time

She opens her month to speak but there is only silence

So he turns back and walks away with the sun on his back and the moon in his face and emptiness in his heart

She finally screams for help but he is to far now and she remains at that the same window waiting for his return but he will never return

She closes her eyes, her heart, her soul, her spirit hoping that she will feel no more pain

She becomes empty, hollow, and broken

She no longer cares about anything or anyone

She dies alone a little each day

No longer feeling pain only numbness from her jaded coma and her lifelessness that remains

What a sad girl I see in this window that is not a window at all but a mirror with this song playing in the background

On the nature of daylight that moves on tracks of never ending light

on the hope of someone that I can’t see but know is out there waiting for me…

Kariann Alcala, 2010


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