Touch of a Man

Touch of a Man

I miss the touch of a man who cares

I just want someone to look at me and kiss me for no reason

Just to be held and loved

For me to feel complete when I am with them

I want to feel whole for the first time with another person

I want to look into someone’s eyes and see me

For someone to look into my eyes and see themselves

For us to look at each other and see us

To hold someone’s hand and know that I am safe in that very moment

To be led into a room with their hand at the small of my back

Their voice in my ear saying I love you

To be in their arms at night and waking up still in their arms the next morning

Making love to someone not just having sex

For me to be in one room and them in another and still feel their presence

I just want to be touched by a man who cares for me and only me

Is that to much to ask?

Kariann Alcala, 2010


3 thoughts on “Touch of a Man

      1. Using poetry as an outlet for your built up emotions, no matter the subject is a great sedative,
        I’m just glad I got to read another piece of poetry. .

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