On the Nature of Daylight

On the Nature of Daylight I close my eyes and I am taken away to a place of potential peace and life that causes me to believe there is something more Yet there is a sadness amongst it all because this place only exists in fantasy and verse I picture a girl looking out a […]


Fine Fine…I am fine I repeat this in my head so many times When all the while this bleeding heart is beating at half time Fine…I am fine While blood drips down my spine where the hole and your knife still resides Broken, battered and bruised But I am fine, really I am fine This […]

Touch of a Man

Touch of a Man I miss the touch of a man who cares I just want someone to look at me and kiss me for no reason Just to be held and loved For me to feel complete when I am with them I want to feel whole for the first time with another person […]

Circus Masks

Circus Masks Looking outside onto passing cars wondering what it is all for? Everyone working to survive no one is really just living We all settle one way or the other for one thing or another, for what exactly and why? We all put a smile on our face and go on whether we are […]


6:00am Why am I awake at this hour Oh yes, It’s to see him, to be with him, to be one with him, but for what exactly, to fill an empty void that gets bigger every time I see him Yet, I go anyway but why? I ask myself that every time and I still […]


Sojourn  Unexpected love…happiness even for a moment because a moment is better than nothing at all  Even if it is short lived, I don’t care, I feel better when he is there There is a thin line between love and hate even thinner is the line between love and obsession Stolen moments of love that […]


Helios As I listen to the Helios play on this oh so rainy day  Feeling the blood rush through my veins as the sound penetrates my brain The melancholy songs that take you back to a place you dare not go but love to resonate there without care The piano chimes in, letting you know […]