Thoughts of a Lover

Thoughts of a Lover

Lingering eyes, lips, hips and soul

Aching hearts, bodies and minds intertwine

Yearning hands, legs, thighs and finger nails

Wanting you, even for a moment even though a moment wouldn’t be enough

To fill me, and relieve the need,  to feed,  the passion, the lust and the ecstasy

Wondering finger tips, biting of lips and a turn of a head

Awkward gaze, wink, smirk, arch of my back, with my head leaning back

Waiting, for a hint of what will come next

Your palm converges with the small of my back

And lingers, falters and hesitates and then pulls back

Shaking limbs, sweat drips, heavy breathing, locked in a kiss

A flick of the wrist with hair in finger tips, pulling back

A sigh, a pant, a scream, a whisper dancing in a lover’s ear 

but alas it was but a dream and what a wonderful dream we would be


Kariann Alcala, 2010



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