Unexpected love…happiness even for a moment because a moment is better than nothing at all 

Even if it is short lived, I don’t care, I feel better when he is there

There is a thin line between love and hate even thinner is the line between love and obsession

Stolen moments of love that can’t be brought back, but can possibly be rediscovered and or reinvented

Just to see his face the way he looks at me in his own way

Mind weary, heart heavy, soul out of control

Wondering what this all means and how it will all end

It’s the not knowing that I worry about

Just hoping that I don’t lose myself in the thoughts of the unknown

I tend to dwell there without care

Lost in my mind half the time is where I reside

I wonder if my mind knows it is my best worst friend and does not run my life unfortunately my heart does

But what can I say I am a true romantic and wear my heart on my sleeve for all to see…but that is just me


Kariann Alcala, 2010


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