Permanent Residence on Cloud 9

Permanent Residence on Cloud 9

Looking down onto all the broken pieces on the ground, how are they all going to fit back together

And then I found him and he found me and we were complete

All the broken pieces fit back together better than they ever did before

Feeling, whole for the first time, and now having a permanent residence on cloud 9

Giving love and receiving love that is pure and true, endless and invigorating, stimulating for not only my body but my heart and my soul

Finally finding my one true place in life, finding my one and only love my everything, the other half of my being

Because it doesn’t get any better than this moment here and now because he is my life now

And I dream of the day when we are old and grey

And we both look back on this day and say it was meant to be this way

Because he doesn’t just love me for my beauty

He loves me because I sing a song only his heart can truly understand

And I look into his eyes and I want to stay there for an eternity

Even though that wouldn’t be nearly long enough

I just want to be with him anywhere, I don’t care where, and as long as he is there I will feel complete

Because he loves me for me and it’s plan to see we were meant to be

So I say to him…let’s just you and I leave this town and get lost in each other’s eyes

Never looking back, only looking forward to our future together and nothing else will matter as long as he is there, I will go anywhere and every where to be at his side

And these feelings are all new to me, you brought them out of me my mooressey…


Kariann Alcala, 2010



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