As I listen to the Helios play on this oh so rainy day 

Feeling the blood rush through my veins as the sound penetrates my brain

The melancholy songs that take you back to a place you dare not go but love to resonate there without care

The piano chimes in, letting you know that there is hope still out there

Ever so small of a chance to find happiness amongst the sadness

Each beat of my heart reminds me that I am still alive even when I feel dead inside

Oh Helios, you remind me of a better day

When he was he, I was me, we were we and everything else was nothing

We heard the Helios while we became one, he kissed me and I came undone

Now I hear the Helios play and know that it came with nothing but disdain

It leaves me now with two marks, a hole in my heart and a scar on my soul

I wouldn’t change a thing because he was my everything even for a moments time

We were one in our bubble of love



Kariann Alcala, 2010




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