Forever Lover

Forever Lover

I woke up this morning wondering if that was all a dream

I usually dream in black and white but this dream was in color

So I wonder if it was as real as I want it to be 

I could feel his cool breathe on my neck and his lips on my jaw

His hands were cold as ice and his eyes were black as pitch

His smell resonates in my veins

He enchants me with his very being

As we walk to no where he guides me with his hands at the small of my back

The coldness of his touch sends goosebumps up and down my spine

He spins me around ever so gently with my face in his chest

I take in his ascents and it engulfs me and makes me dizzy with love and lust

He caresses my fave with his icy hands and brings me in for a kiss

His breath oozes sex, passion, lust and longing

I want nothing more than for this feeling never to end

He wants me more than anyone has or will ever want me

It’s like he craves and fiends for me like a drug

I’m like his own personal brand of…well you know

Well the dream was no dream because I am now awake and I have two small wholes on my neck

So now I can truly be free and loved because only a vampire can love forever

And forever is what I have now with him


Kariann Alcala, 2010



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