Evening Stroll

Evening Stroll

Looking up onto the purple peach sky as my feet hit the pavement one at a time

The sun peeking in and out of the fluffy grey white clouds, while the moon awaits it’s chance to be allowed to light up the night’s sky with the twinkling stars

Waiting for a dreamer to say aloud their dreams and hopes and prayers without doubt

I walk to the beat of my heart ever erratic never steady

Walking to nowhere in particular but when I get there I will be here and my feet are there and my mind will wish it was nowhere

I see the beating of wings and the thumping of little feet as I walk down the street

The gutters are all filled with yesterdays forget me not’s and lost thoughts and overflowed with disdain

The streets are all cracked and broken like so many hearts have been before and will continue to be

Large wholes in the asphalt that need to be filled but never seem to be taken as a priority

Fallen leaves and broken branches from trees near by shows that inability all things must die

The sadness that you feel when you walk alone, along a crowded street with only your thoughts for company

I listen to the The Walkmen play their melancholy riffs

I listen to his brash voice telling me that all my thoughts are okay

I walk to the under beats of each song feeling more and more alone

Hearing the words bounce around and around in my crowded min feeling them really sink in this time


Kariann Alcala, 2010




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