Circus Masks

Circus Masks

Looking outside onto passing cars wondering what it is all for?

Everyone working to survive no one is really just living

We all settle one way or the other for one thing or another, for what exactly and why?

We all put a smile on our face and go on whether we are ready or not, while inside we cry out for help

We just want someone to see, to really see, who we are and what we are capable of being

But we all just go through the motions as a normal routine of life

We all live in the big ring circus

We all have our parts to play but why must it really be that way

We are all just freaks looking to be accepted into another form of a circus we feel we must belong to

We are like clowns with painted faces

They do not cry they are never sad or indifferent

They are always happy or at least that is what they want you to think

Inside there are thoughts of someone seeing them for what they really are…scared

We are all clowns with painted faves of a life that is not real

Personal demons are the killers of our inner children

They choke the very last breath of life from their innocent lifeless bodies

You are your own worst enemy

They make you feel each emotion like liquid fire, burning every cell of your being

They make you feel like you are more alone then anyone has ever been alone

Make you sad like you have never been sad before and will never smile ever again

We fuel our demons with all the regrets and lost hopes in our lives

The demons are always looking for a way to get their fill

Not caring that they will inevitably kill their host…us

But yet we still go along with this charade

Like we are on pre-made tracks that only go one way

I look around and I see us all becoming lifeless drones, in this circus that we call life

So let’s all go to our closets and pick out our favorite mask

My mask is the one with the pretty big smile and longing eyes it seems to work the best for me

Kariann Alcala


2 thoughts on “Circus Masks

  1. I agree with the logic of the poem. Days are gone when we enjoyed our work. Now surviving is the essential task of the most of us. I like your thoughts and the ending. Better to smile than cry. Thank you for the excellent poetry.

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