An Encounter with Him

An Encounter with Him

Sparkling eyes, puckering lips, naughty little finger tips

Blushing cheeks, dimples deep, a smile that is within reach

Curve of a back, touch of a hand, goosebumps from the sight of that man

Bat of an eye, pout of a lip, gently touched with your finger tips

Tempting stare, floating on air, wishing we were nowhere

Shy little smile, that drives you wild, because you know what thoughts swirl within

Eyes of an angel, lips of the devil and a body from somewhere in between

Tempting words, phrases and thoughts always there

Oh how I want to jump out of this chair

To wrap my arms around the man, who captivates me to no end!

God…I really need this my friend

To feel the release of what is trapped within

Now lying here with him and our big goofy grins

Sleep is now approaching as we cuddle up to dream

Seeing things that have never been seen

I open my eyes, and oh yes, he is still there, to love again, and again, and again


Kariann Alcala, 2010



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