Close your eyes, Imagine , his face with that breathe taking smile. 
Hear his laugh in your heart and smile because it echoes and brings memories to the surface. 

Close your eyes, Believe, that he thinks of you now and again… 
Sees your face in his soul and your words in his ear and knows he is never far from your thoughts. 

Close your eyes, Wish, things could be different yet the same, 
That the years that have passed feel more like minutes to him as they do to you. 
That he does not feel like time has passed you by and that you lost the chance to be… 

Close your eyes, Jump, head first into the black pool of the unknown, 
Hoping that he will reach out a hand, and that you won’t just drown in the sorrow of yet another defeat. 

Close your eyes, Dream,, of him without care… even if dreams are all you have, at least you are happy there, and know in your heart is where your love lives no matter what may come… 

Close your eyes, Breathe, because your heart stops when he calls…inhale, exhale, you tell yourself without letting him know that he makes you breathless! 
Stay calm; stay calm because you know he is just as nervous to hear your voice on the other end of the line. Enjoy the time, the time, you have because it doesn’t happen everyday. Breathe in his voice so it stays on your being and marks it with a kiss! 

Close your eyes, Know, that he thinks of you more than you know 
and when you dream of him it is because he dreams of you, and there you are together in love in each other’s smile : ) 

Kariann Alcala, 2010


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