You stare at the clock 
As the minutes feel like hours 
And the hours feel like days 
And the days feel like years 
Yet it all stays the same 

You stare up at the ceiling 
Looking for answers that do not exist 
Only seeing your thoughts haunt you in the shadows of this unknown abyss 
You close your eyes and hope to see darkness 
But instead you see all your fears streaming at you in Technicolor 

You try to open your eyes but you can’t 
You watch the colors swirl around you like an elegant dance 
To eerie music that you alone can hear 
Yet it is so beautiful…but you dare not stand and cheer 

You open your eyes and you see all the little black spots 
Pieces of your thoughts that don’t want to be forgotten 
That lingers in your eyes’ sight for as long as they can 
But yet you can’t remember what they are 

You toss and turn to the beat of the music that continues to play on repeat 
Melancholy sounds of what your thought would sound like in notes 
Always sounding like something is about to happen 
Something that you will never be prepared for 

You shove your face into the pillow 
Hoping that it will muffle the sound 
Of your thoughts running on overtime 
But of course it doesn’t… it just makes them louder… 

You lay there with tears in your eyes 
Hoping that the voices will subside 
Feeling your body ache for no reason 
As your toes curl up from the pain 

You ask yourself why… 
And your question goes on unanswered 
So you close your eyes 
And pray for sunlight… 

Even though there is no comfort there either 
Knowing that the sun will set 
And your nightmare will begin again without question 
So here’s to the never ending night and the faithful morning 
What a wicked pair they make… 


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