Little Girl…

There is a little girl in a woman’s body

She can not stand up to what she is worth

She settles for those you do not care

People who treat her terrible and leave her in despair

All I can do is sit back and watch

As a little girls dreams slip away


She can break free from her prison

But she chooses to stay because she thinks she deserves it

I wish she had the strength to see what we all see

A strong woman trapped in a little girls body


She feels its too late to get away

But the fact that she already feels that way

is the first step to knowing that she is better than this


I want to help her see what we see

And that she can be strong the way she sees me to be

Little does she know that I am just as scared

That she will make the biggest mistake and only she is to blame


I hate that she cant see what we see

And that he is no good and will never be

That she will just be sad and lonely all of her days

Because he has already chased all her friends away


She has only one and that is me

But I can’t live her life for her

Just try to make her see what could be


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