a word that usually brings a smile to peoples faces

it is not what I feel

families have secrets that are never kept

secrets that can tear your heart out

secrets that can tear a family into


no one is ready…but how could you be

so you put on a fake smile and go through the motions

waiting for one false move for it could start a riot among them

so young…so naïve…not knowing what will come to thee


you wait for the time that you can break free

but is that the answer that you seek

my heart is empty for the past is long gone

the love that I felt will never return

for I am jaded and have no remorse


a poor child within a woman that  has no heart

a heart that has been broken beyond repair

my eyes are no longer the shade of youth

they are the emptiness of adulthood


my eyes are now open and I wish they were closed

because at least in the dark I feel at home…


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