Geeks of four, nerds with brains galore,

Scientific and smart, what lives in their hearts.

Adult children always playing with toys,

Robots and comic books, star trek little boys.

Let’s start with Raj, from India he’s born,

Can’t speak with women unless alcohol gets involved.

Howard’s a freak, with his mother trapped is he,

On the prowl for anyone called woman,

The way he’s dressed, strange you see.

Leonard makes the most sense, still a bit strange is he,

Sometimes to many words, his mouth needs a key.

This brings us to him, is he alien or human,

Sheldon takes the prize, no girl does he desire.

He’s neurotic and crazy, seems like he should be traveling out in space,

Has everything to say about anything.

He’s one of a kind, a geek and a dork,

Does nothing without purpose, some call him loveable Sheldon,

A friend who will drive…

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