The love that could never be….

There is a love that could never be, or is it just a lust that needs to be filled again

I fell that I could love him and not be scared,

but I would leave the love that I have

He is not the one that takes care, or feels the pain that I have to bare

My heart is torn, broken, and in a headlock

Why do I dream of him every night, when there is one sleeping there so tight

Why do I do this to myself, pain and torture that only I can make for myself

Why is it so

Why can’t it go away

I can’t hide from what is right in front of me…in my mind

My heart says one think my mind says another…inter-turmoil

My mind can’t sleep and my heart won’t weep

I want to sleep where there is no dreams

Where there is no time and life is what it seems

I want release… from what plays in my mind each day

Where can I go to hide from the fears in my mind

I wish I could just let go of all the thoughts

Where do I go to feel complete

I want to feel alive in some way

No more of this half life

I fear everything…

I know nothing…

I want everything…

I need peace of mind

I need peace of spirit

I just need…peace…


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