The Safe…

A picture is worth 1000 words. This safe has been through a lot. Tell its story. Image credit: “safe” – © 2007 Paul Keller – made available under Attribution 2.0 Generic


The Safe…

This safe has seen it all and has held beautiful treasures, precious memories and dirty secrets.

The safe first started on the Titanic with a very wealthy oil tycoon named Sir Noble. In the safe was fine jewels, silks and perfumes for his wife who was awaiting him in America. After the events of that horrible night the safe was found intact but Sir Noble was nowhere to be found. He was lost in the cold night. The safe did make it to his wife Lady Noble, but believe me she would have rather had her dear husband by her side rather than a beautiful necklace. Lady Noble never remarried but used all the beautiful things in the safe to open up her very own bookstore. She used the safe to hold her most precious books that she loved and reminded her of her late husband. Since she had no children of her own she left her bookstore and the safe to her longtime employee and dear friend Mary.

Mary kept the bookstore open but moved the safe to the storeroom floor instead of the back because the loved the story behind it. She had the safe open for all to see and used it for displaying all her favorite books. One very cold and bitter night the store was broken into and the safe was stolen. The robbers thought that the contents must have been worth something since it was in a safe. When they looked inside it all they found were old books in their eyes. In there anger they just threw the safe and it contents into the street. Mary never saw that the safe and her favorite books ever again. 


On a rainy cold day several weeks later a homeless man came upon the safe with it’s wet and torn apart books. He needed some shelter from the rain and cold wind, so he sat inside the the safe and used some of the books as a blanket. The young man was taught how to read in the orphanage by a young nun who had a fierce love for reading. He opened one of the books that was not badly worn and began to read. The book was The Lost World by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The young man was taken away to another world where dinosaurs still existed. For the few hours that it took for him to read the book he forgot all about him being hungry, cold and wet. For those brief hours he lost himself in the book and smiled. The next day he awoke and took the book with him and left his shelter behind. 

A few month later a couple of men were walking down the alley that housed the safe and show how well made it was so they decided to take it as it seemed like no one would miss it and took it to there warehouse. These men were not well to do men. They were enforcers for a local gang. The safe was used to hold men who had wronged the gang or just found themselves in a bad spot with the gang. A few men even died in the safe for lack of proper air and food. This safe was later known as Windowless Box. Even the enforcers were scared of the Windowless Box because the heard strange noises come from it when no one was inside it. Those enforcers soon became mad and killed themselves in front of the safe they so feared. The gang was soon disbanded and the safe was left in the warehouse to rot further of death and misfortune.


How far the safe has fallen, it began holding items of love and ended up holding souls of the lost and troubled. So much the safe could tell us if it was able to speak. 


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